Insulation Installation

By , August 30, 2015

Winter is coming. Friday I wrapped the battery bank exhaust pipe with vinyl-backed fiberglass insulation.

I didn’t even know we had this stuff until Michelle gave me the tail end of a roll she’d used for the water system. That got me started, then we bought another roll to finish the job.

Not elegant, but hopefully functional (Photo: Mark A. Zeiger).

Not elegant, but hopefully functional (Photo: Mark A. Zeiger).

It doesn’t look that great, but it should work.

I never worried about keeping the pipe warm until we installed a fan as part of our system improvement. Chances are that long outside pipe created its own plug of cool air in the past. With the fan in line, I don’t want condensation to form inside the pipe and run down into the works of the fan. It could withstand that kind of treatment, but the manufacturer did specify that it should be installed inside, so moisture might be an issue.

At any rate, I’m about to add more wood to the woodshed into which the pipe intrudes. I’ll pile the wood around the pipe as the shed fills, so I had to get the insulation installed while I can still reach the pipe.

Squirrels often steal fiberglass for their nests, so they might rip this up. Hopefully, the surrounding wood will protect it through most of the winter.

2 Responses to “Insulation Installation”

  1. John and Mary Helfrich says:

    Ahhhh….you are the “McGiver” of homesteaders!!!!
    Well done.
    John and Mary

  2. Mark Zeiger says:

    John, I think I’d need to have used chewing gum and a coat hanger in my project to qualify for that designation, wouldn’t I?

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