Plans Change . . .

By , September 11, 2015

It’s not like I didn’t have stuff to do that day.

I had five tasks on the day’s Franklin Planner page. At least three of them are “C level,” which, in the Franklin-Covey system means they’re something I want to do, rather than need to do (see The Franklin Planner: An Unlikely Homesteading Tool). This included making a couple of essential drink mixes to set us up for the autumn and winter, Russian tea (see The Secret of Russian Tea) and fireside coffee (see A Cup of Coffee That Brings Tears to My Eyes). I had some more important tasks to complete, most of which could be accomplished inside, where I would be warm and dry as an autumn storm moved into the area. Before that happened, I needed to tarp a couple of firewood piles. I even thought I might watch a movie in the afternoon while I ran the wind generator to keep it limber (see Use It or Lose It).

For the moment, though, I sat at the dining table in my pajamas, waiting for my turn in the shower. I had just poured my morning cup of coffee, and intended to enjoy it while I sealed a newly-written letter to Aly.

As I did so, I glanced casually out the window, and everything changed.

It appeared that a small hummock of dry grass had sprouted near the lettuce box, waving in the freshening breeze. Porcupine!

I called out to Michelle in the shower that we had a porcupine in the garden, stepped into my boots and headed out the door, grabbing an old ax handle as I went.

Michelle finished her shower, dressed in a hurry, and came outside to help. She found me in the spruce tangle by the solar array, where I had the porcupine cornered. At my request, Michelle grabbed a boat hook and prodded the porcupine out of his hiding place while I waited for it back in the garden. In a few moments, my day had a whole new purpose.

I hung the porcupine and bled it out, returning later to gut and process it as far as I could alone without difficulty. I then left it till Michelle could come home and help me—skinning a porcupine goes a lot faster and easier with two pairs of hands.

As it turned out, I managed to do everything I wanted to do. I completed my list and watched a movie. I even got to drink my coffee before it cooled!

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