Vacation’s Over

By , January 13, 2016

Well, the vacation’s over. I often say that we don’t take vacations from our homestead, because we don’t want or need to get away from it, but our recent trip to Baranof Warm Springs to see my brother and his wife proved to be a true vacation in the best sense of the word. We completely lost track of time, so that what happened before we left on the trip seems to have happened several months ago. I often speak of our Christmas season as a time out of time (see Feeling “Holidaisical”: Christmas Comes to the Zeiger Family Homestead). This year, that really held true!

We took down our Christmas decorations yesterday. We left them up until Aly left, which she did the night before on the late ferry. We extended our holiday season an extra week past our usual Twelfth Night end. Even then, we felt like it ended all too soon. Usually, by January 6th, we’re ready to return to ordinary living, but not so much this year.

A couple of things happened at the end of December and beginning of January that I’m only now finding the opportunity to mention.

First off, I got a surprise message on Facebook from a fellow named Steve. He and his partner, Brandy, host the podcast, The Sailing Rode. They decided to do a Christmas special, and included a mention of our blog in it. They apparently found my 2009 reminiscence about the Christmas Story by Gordon Bok, Jeremy Brown and Jeannie Teal (see Fairy Infestation on a Sailing Schooner–A Favorite Christmas Story) and got inspired to seek out the story. They included an excerpt in their special, and interviewed Gordon Bok himself afterward. Even though the season’s over, you might still enjoy listening to their special. You can hear the episode on their Website, or pick it up on iTunes.

Over at 104 Homestead Website, a piece I wrote about cooking with solar got posted. I wrote it back in October, but what with the holiday rush and all, it’s just now getting on line. If you haven’t heard me talk about it enough here, check it out there!

Now that it’s just Michelle, me, and the cat again, we seem to have a lot more space, especially with the decorations down. We’re also in the middle of a warm spell, with rain and temperatures in the 40s. It feels more like September than January. We had a hard time letting Aly go away again. Now that she’s graduated, regular visits can’t be expected, so we don’t know when we might see her again. We can only hope it’s soon!

I’ve got a bunch of stuff buzzing around my head for the blog. Hopefully, I can get some of it written down. I have one more post on frugality to finish off my long thread, several new topics that came out of conversations with friends and family lately, a few odd theories to float, and more. Michelle just found a new gardening book at the library that has her all fired up about the coming growing season. Maybe I can get her to write a bit about that.

All in all, 2016 looks like it’s shaping up into another interesting year. We hope you’ll continue to read the blog, and share it with us.

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