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Something New to Worry About

By , October 9, 2017

We find ourselves facing potentially lifestyle-changing events here in our off-the-grid neighborhood. About 400 acres of forested land on our peninsula, some of it directly adjoining our property, has been offered for logging.

A lot of detail and history goes into explaining what’s going on. I’ll summarize briefly, to the best of my understanding and information:

The University of Alaska (UA) and the Alaska Mental Health Trust (AMHT) both own land in Alaska to fund their operations. They profit by selling to private citizens, or resource extraction (timber, mining, etc.). Both of these entities hold tracts on our peninsula.

sacred space

This place, which we consider a sacred space, is in one of the areas offered for timber cutting (Photo: Mark Zeiger).

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Homestead 2.0

By , September 26, 2011

For various reasons, we’re retooling the homestead this autumn. We’re unveiling “Homestead 2.0.”

For the first autumn in 2 or 3 years, I’m not hunting moose. I mixed up the application date, and lost the chance to hunt this season. That has worked out well, as we traveled during the first weeks of the hunt. Being freed of the need to take full advantage of the narrow window, I’m looking forward to spending time on all the tasks that nagged at me while in the field in previous years.

The most radical change to the life we’ve enjoyed these past 5 years (and the 13 years previous to it) is, of course, Aly’s departure for college. Our entire pattern of living will now be altered in ways we have not anticipated. It will change the division of labor, how we prepare and eat meals, how we use electricity, and especially the exchange of ideas and conversation. The very rhythm of our life will be altered. Continue reading 'Homestead 2.0'»

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