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Recipe: Homestead Cheesy Mushroom Pie

By , September 11, 2017

As I wrote the previous post (see Participation Makes a Good Sauce) I resigned myself to the necessary follow up, posting the mushroom pie recipe itself. That’s not a problem, except there really is no recipe—Aly scratched the dish, so someone needs to write it down. Looks like it’ll be me, and, in 21st Century fashion, it starts as an electronic document before transcription to a recipe card. So be it.

The problem, you see, is that recipes generally specify exact amounts. We created a classic family dish: “Some of this, some of that and . . . some of that. This might make it really good, let’s try it!” and so forth. This isn’t so much a recipe as a set of guidelines.

Before you plunge in, please note that the recipe calls for a soup mix that should be made ahead of time.

Zeiger Homestead Cheesy Mushroom Pie

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