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What To Do About Facebook?

By , April 23, 2018

Like everyone else who has any involvement with the social media platform, we’re wrestling with what to do about Facebook.

Back in 2013 I turned to Facebook to expand the outreach of this blog. I did so reluctantly, as indicated by the title of the post: Facing Up to Facebook. If you read the comments, you’ll see concern over the move from the outset. I felt that concern was justified at the time; far more so now that we’ve learned about Cambridge Analytica, not to mention all the abuse of our collected data we don’t know about.

Personally, I’ve analyzed my participation on Facebook since before the news broke. For a couple of years now, I’ve joked that “Facebook is like Listerine, I hate it, but I use it twice a day.” I don’t enjoy the site; it’s too full of bad information, unpleasant opinions, and, to put it bluntly, willful ignorance.

Yet, how better to connect with friends and family members, who I honestly would never hear from (as they would seldom hear from me) without casual, non-committal contact through Facebook? It does serve some purpose. The questions yet to be answered are, is it enough? And, is it worth the cost?

Zeiger Family Homestead Facebook page

The Zeiger Family Homestead Facebook “Masthead”.

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Facing Up to Facebook

By , June 24, 2013

In a new development for the Zeiger Family Homestead blog, we have created a page on Facebook.

I’ve always known that a lot of bloggers create Facebook pages for their site, but I’ve never really been clear on why. After all, Facebook is kind of a mini-blog, so if you’re already blogging elsewhere, it seems redundant.

Last weekend, a friend pointed out the advantages, mainly having to do with promoting the blog. She convinced me that it was worth setting up a Facebook page.

So, friends of this blog can now “like” it on Facebook and follow us there. If you’re a Facebook user, it’s an easy way to tell your friends about the site.

Beyond that, I see other advantages from my point of view.

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