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“I Can Touch My Nose!”

By , February 13, 2017

I need to say from the start that I have not injured myself recently!

Before starting The Zeiger Family Homestead Blog in 2009, I wrote a similar blog for about a year. It proved to be a mistake. Nevertheless, I wrote some decent stuff, most of which appeared as earlier posts on this blog. Some of it even made it into my book, Sacred Coffee: A “Homesteader’s” Paradigm.

Some essays never got published, because their timeliness had passed. However, the story below still holds value for those who read this blog for its cautionary homesteading tales. And, it continues to remind me to be careful when doing chores (see Watch for Falling Firewood).

One note: in the years since I wrote the story below, I’ve vacillated on whether or not I broke my nose that day. As I publish this, I’m pretty sure I actually did. Michelle seems to think I did, anyway.

So . . . .

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“Potato Chipping”

By , February 10, 2017

Like every family, we use certain phrases as shorthand for common behavior. For instance, we use “stone boat” to describe doggedly persisting in a futile effort (see The Stone Boat and Other Irrational Behavior). We refer to a similar, but perhaps more positive activity as “potato chipping.”

When a Zeiger potato chips, that means continuing on a project beyond the point of current necessity. It comes from the observation, made into a famous marketing slogan by a food company, that it’s very hard to eat just one potato chip. It’s a common human activity to keep doing something that feels good, tastes good, or provides fun on some level.

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