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Plow Monday

By , January 8, 2018

Today, in Medieval times and after, is Plow Monday, the first Monday after Twelfth Night, when men traditionally returned to work in the fields. It is paired with St. Distaff’s Day, the following Tuesday, when women returned to work. In 2013, that day fell on this date (see St. Distaff’s Day).

plow monday

A more contemporary Plough Monday banner (source: unknown)

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Work Like a Peasant, Live Like a King

By , June 19, 2017

As we complete our eleventh year of residence on our homestead, I recall a motto we adopted early on: “work like a peasant, live like a king.”

From the very beginning, the strange dichotomy of our life became apparent. We deliberately, voluntarily reduced our quality of life in order to improve it. We dedicated ourselves to a new lifestyle, economy, and condition set—a new paradigm, if you will—that recasts us almost literally as peasants. Yet, by doing so, we live like kings!

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