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By , October 29, 2016

Once again, because the things I’ve seen happen too fast to catch on film, I’m left describing them, and once again, they’ve left me speechless.

Of all our varied wildlife, whales are the most magnificent to watch. Of those, the most heart stopping may be the killer whales, also called orcas.

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Breaking the Autumn “Rule”

By , August 13, 2014

Monday, Aly and I broke “the rule.” As rain poured on the fog-shrouded land and water, we turned on our favorite autumn music, brewed hot drinks, and settled down to work on a puzzle.

We broke the “rule” of ignoring the coming of autumn for a decent interval beyond Michelle’s “summer” birthday (see The Circle of the Seasons: Autumn or Ghost Ferns and Witchy Woods). Continue reading 'Breaking the Autumn “Rule”'»

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