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News Flashes

By , December 6, 2017

The last week or so, I’ve received new information on topics I’ve covered here in the past. Rather than do a separate post on each one, here’s a quick update on several different topics:

Our play, The Lion in Winter finished its final weekend Saturday night. Of our four shows, Friday, December 1st was the best. Led by some puppeteer friends, the audience warmed up a lot, and fed its energy to the cast. The other three nights, people seemed almost afraid to laugh at the funny parts.

Nevertheless, those who came to see it seemed to love it. I know of quite a few people who came multiple nights, which we found very gratifying.

Haines Lion in Winter Cast

One last “family portrait” in front of the fire: (L-R): Ryan Staska as Richard Lionheart, Dominic Stossel as John Lackland, Gina Randles as Alais Capet, Mark Zeiger as Henry II, Amanda Randles as Eleanor of Aquitaine, Riyan Stossel as Geoffrey, Jed Blum-Evitts as Philip II of France (Photo: Michelle L. Zeiger).

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By , November 17, 2017

Today, my comments on the proposed University of Alaska Timber Sale on our peninsula will get mailed.

I have written some difficult letters in my life, but this one may have been the hardest.

I had to ultimately answer this question: how does one who has chosen quality of life over quantity of goods and funds sway the opinions of those who choose the opposite? It seems the University’s Board of Regents has one primary responsibility, which is to make money for the University of Alaska. When you know the price of everything, what do you care for those who value other than material wealth?

sunlight through trees

Sunlight through our homestead trees (Photo: Mark A. Zeiger).

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