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Are Alaskans Unique Enough for “Reality” TV?

By , April 20, 2017

At an Easter dinner with friends, we enjoyed stimulating conversation on a variety of topics. One that struck me particularly focused on “reality” television shows. One of us asked: Why are people so interested in Alaska? After all, “we’re just like anybody else anywhere else.” She finds it hard to believe that Alaskans could hold the public interest and imagination well enough to justify television shows.

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End of Times as Reality T.V.

By , June 30, 2012

Since the first offer in 2010, we’ve received about 5 or 6 offers to participate in “reality” television programs. We’ve been invited to participate in programs on backwoods living, frugal living, locavore diet, and several Alaska-themed shows.

We tend to take a lighter view of the future than many who live as we do (Original Artwork: Mark Zeiger).

Some have been tempting, others have been easy to refuse. One recent offer waxed eloquent on creating, finally, a true portrait of Alaskan life. Their pitch talked about profiling “real Alaskans,” those who have “moved to the state to pit their wills and abilities against the wild.” I wrote a long email in reply, pointing out (tactfully, I thought) that those are the type of people real Alaskans go out and rescue, or recover their remains. I also suggested that their idea would be akin to “finally” creating a true portrait of California by profiling the people who moved to that state to break into show business, and now work as waiters, bus-people, and prostitutes. I never heard back from that outfit, even though I extended an invitation to the developer to come stay on the homestead with us for a few days to see what really goes on around here.

As I’ve mentioned before, it’s a little odd that we would pass up an opportunity to promote our Web site and blog, but I guess I’ve never truly believed the old adage, “there’s no such thing as bad publicity.” If that was true back when it was first coined, surely “reality” T.V. invalidated it.

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