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To Remake a Bed

By , November 14, 2017

While I have been staying over at the cottage for several months now, it’s been more like camping, because I’ve slept on the guest mattress that’s lived over there for many years.

At the end of October, we changed that. We dismantled my homemade bed frame from the cabin for reuse in the cottage.

hauling bed pieces to cottage

Dad and I disassembled the bed and hauled the frame pieces to the cottage (Photo: Michelle L. Zeiger).

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Shell Cottage Gets A Review

By , September 2, 2017

Well, gang, I finally did it. I spent the night in my cottage!

Encouraged by the positive review of a friend who stayed there for several nights this summer, I made up the bed, relocated a large spider, and gave it a try.

Even with the messy state of both floors, it was a wonderful experience. I stayed cozy and comfortable all night. In the morning, the upstairs floor felt almost warm, and the downstairs floor only a little chilly in bare feet. I had fresh air and more light than I’m used to from the windows, and a (different) million-dollar view in the morning.

What a way to start the weekend!

Mountains in the morning light, framed with branches.

The view from the sleeping loft. (Photo: Sarah A. Zeiger)

Now I’m inspired all over again to get the cottage ready for living in. Since my original plan to stay in the cabin until the cottage was ready has resulted in an out-of-sight,-out-of-mind style stagnation, I’m planning to try moving over there as an incentive to finish the project. Upcoming projects include buying outdoor storage totes (one of those previously mentioned storage solutions, see July Cottage Updates) and moving stuff off the floor, modifying and moving my bed frame, and possibly moving the dresser over there.

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