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Water On the Brain

By , August 24, 2017

The fallout (as it were) from Typhoon Banyan hasn’t been as heavy on us as predicted (see Here Comes Our Rain!). Nevertheless, our water system is quickly refilling. The summer water tank was almost full by yesterday afternoon, and we had nearly an additional inch of rain overnight.

As it happens, during this transition from scarcity to abundance, I’m reading The Big Thirst: The Secret Life and Turbulent Future of Water, by Charles Fishman (check your local independent bookstore).

At the same time, our local radio station just tested the Letnikof spring water, and found significant levels of e. coli in it!

So, lately, I definitely have water on the brain!

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Here Comes Our Rain!

By , August 21, 2017

Sunday morning, we received a Special Weather Statement:


A weather front with moisture from former Typhoon Banyan will lift over the northern portions of Southeast Alaska starting Sunday night. Rain amounts with this system will range from one half of
an inch to one inch on Sunday night. There will be a lull in the rain amounts Monday morning before another period of heavy rain will affect the area from Monday afternoon through Tuesday
afternoon. Additional rain amounts will range from 1 to 2 inches with the highest amounts along the coast mountains.”

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