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Participation Makes a Good Sauce

By , September 8, 2017

Aly and I engaged in an interesting conversation about home cooked meals recently.

We reminisced about the savory mushroom pie from the previous night’s dinner, and gleefully anticipated its leftovers for lunch.

We compared and contrasted the appeal of savory pie over casserole. We admitted that a savory pie is really nothing more than a casserole with a crust. But to me, at least, a pie sounds much better than a casserole.

Aly asked a few pertinent questions about my upbringing: “were pot pies special in your family?” and “did you eat a lot of casseroles as a kid?”

The last slice of pie, and it’s mine, all mine! (Photo: Mark A. Zeiger).

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Trail Improvements

By , August 13, 2010

In keeping with Michelle’s birthday wishes, we repaired a bad place on the trail from Mud Bay to our homestead. There’s a certain hill, which, when we first moved to the homestead, Aly dubbed “‘Druther Not,” as in, “I’d ruther not climb that hill with a heavy load again!” It has a low spot bridged by log rip-rap that has rotted and broken over the years. We started on the 9th and finished on the 11th. All in all, it was an appropriate project for the anniversary of moving to the homestead.

Michelle on the finished trail.

The Birthday Girl admires our newly-completed handywork (Photo: Mark Zeiger).

The repair job exceeds our expectations. We’ve been brainstorming the process for a long time now. Continue reading 'Trail Improvements'»

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