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Our lifestyle allows us to pursue many different interests, including writing, photography, and graphic arts. Slowly, some of these projects result in items that can be sold to help support our lifestyle. You'll find them here as they become available.

We benefit directly from sales of every item on this page. Thank you for your kind patronage!

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Dinosaurs and other Nature Toys
Handmade Soap
Clothing and Accessories



Aly hand-knits toy dinosaurs, prehistoric mammals, whales, and more. They average about 6" long and 3" high, made of yarn and batting or other stuffing. Because she works without a pattern, each one is a unique creation. Order your own knit dinosaur here.



devil's club soap tea tree/lavender soap

We make our own soap by hand, working together to meet our needs and a little bit extra to share with others, like you.

We use coconut and vegetable oils, rather than animal fats. This gentle, healthy combination lathers well, even in salt water, making these soaps ideal for wilderness travel.

Made in Alaska logo Our soaps are certified Made in Alaska products!

NOTE: Supplies are often extremely limited! Please email us to make sure we have the inventory to handle your order!

Current Varieties:

Tea Tree/Lavender
Not available at the moment. Tea tree oil is believed to have antifungal, antiseptic properties. Lavender repels some biting insects, including mosquitoes and fleas. The two fragrances (from added essential oils) together create a clean, invigorating scent.

Russian Tea
If you've read our blog, you know we love our Russian tea! We now offer Russian tea soap seasonally, now through Christmas. It's warm citrus and spice smell evokes winter evenings by the fireside.

Devil’s Club
Devil’s club may be the most medicinal plant to be found in Southeast Alaska. Painfully prickly, and, as the Natives named it, “always there when you fall,” the inner bark and root of the plant contain the antidote to its own poisonous thorns, bug bites, muscle aches and pains, and more. The fragrance and color of this soap comes from the devil’s club itself—not artificial additives. Many people find this soap a soothing relief after a day of fighting Alaska’s many biting insects or strenuous activity.

Our soap cakes average 4 ounces, in cakes about 3" in diameter, about 1" thick.

We sell exclusively at Alaska Rod's in Haines, Alaska, and on this Web site.

Because we make each batch by hand, quantities are limited, and vary in availability! We age each batch a minimum of 4 weeks to achieve full saponification. If you're in a hurry, or would like to buy soap in quantities other than listed below, please email us for availability and pricing.

Note that the prices below include shipping and handling. The listed price is your total price for shipping in the United States.

Russian Tea Soap
Devil's Club Soap



wining, loafing, cutting the cheese
"I like to spend my day wining, loafing, and cutting the cheese"

moosemoticon t-thirt

Mark's brother, David, developed this great graphic for Guerrilla Gardeners, their allies, supporters, and co-conspirators. Choose from six slogans. These designs are available on a variety of T-shirts and other clothing, as well as mugs, totes, and more. Click on the slogans you like.

Sew Wild Oats
Other Green Revolution
Gaining Ground
Cultivate Resistance
Free the Commons
Seeds of Revolution



Archaeological/Garden Shaker Sifter

Many gardeners find the type of shaker sifter commonly used in archaeological digs extremely handy for sifting soil or compost. It's been called an archaeological sifter, garden sifter, compost sifter, sifting screen, or soil sifter, depending on the use to which an individual puts it. (More details and ordering information here.)

Want to build your own boat? Check out my brother, David's easy-to-build sailboat designs.


Shy Ghosts Dancing
Shy Ghosts Dancing: Dark Tales from Southeast Alaska

Mark's first book, a collection of his horror, dark fiction, and fantasy short stories, set in or otherwise relating to Southeast Alaska. List price: $3.99 ebook, $11.99 print. (More details and ordering information here.)

Sacred Coffee
Sacred Coffee: A "Homesteader's" Paradigm

A collection of essays, mostly from the Zeiger Family Homestead Blog, but some as yet unpublished, that focus on the family's paradigm—the philosophies and attitudes that led us to pursue our lifestyle. List price: $4.99 ebook, $14.99 print, $22.99 audiobook.
(More details and ordering information here.)

Our booklist details publications, music, and movies that we use and/or enjoy on the homestead, with links to purchase from other vendors.



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