Highlights of Visits Before Moving to the Homestead
Haines, Alaska

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The cabin's candlelight. This photo was taken sometime after 11:00 p.m. June 2005. You can see the edge of our rhubarb patch. The stake behind it is supporting one of the smaller cherry trees growing in the yard. The upstairs window is Aly's room. We installed two picture windows in the front of the cabin. Photos show different stages in that process.

Once installed, the windows made a huge difference, although we somewhat regret how quiet the cabin is now. Before, the double layer of visqueen acted like an amplifier, so we stayed very much in tune with what happened outside. We could easily hear whales blowing out front, and bird songs.

Improvements to the cabin competed with felling, hauling and splitting firewood, repairing sections of the trail, and washing clothes by hand every few days. It's idyllic, but you have to stay on top of everything that needs to be done.

We made plans for a new outhouse using a composting toilet. We intended it to be the first stages of a small complex that'll include a sauna and a larger deck than the current "veranda" where we ate a lot of our meals, watching whales and other wildlife. We have since decided on a different location for that. The poor old log-round table rotted away, so we removed it.

Breakfast on the "veranda."

The birds left us a few cherries in the summer of 2005.

Grandma Harris tested the rope swing in August 2005.
This was before she slipped on a trail and broke her ankle. Still, she came back!

Time to recharge!

It helps to cuddle for warmth while the wood stove heats the cabin! Mark's sister Beth, his brother David, and Dave's wife, Anke, first visited the property November 2005.

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