Homesteading Through the Seasons
Haines, Alaska

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Originally, this site started as an historical narrative, with periodic updates on our visits to the cabin before moving here from Juneau. After we'd been here a few years, we began blogging about our activities. We decided that seasonal collages would be a better way to give you an idea of our surroundings as the seasons progress.

Note that our seasons aren't quite the same as the standard calendar. We follow the ancient Celtic view of the seasons, or "natural calendar," which is at odds with modern calendar designations. After all, does it make sense that summer begins when the days begin to shorten? Is the first day of winter really when the days begin to lengthen, or would that be more appropriately midwinter's evening? The ancient Celts reasoned that seasons begin as infants, as all things do, then grow into maturity and die. This, plus a very similar latitudinal range, makes the Celtic reckoning closer to the seasons as we observe them here in Southeast Alaska.

February 1 - April 30

May 1 - July 31

August 1 - October 31

November 1 - January 31


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