The Zeiger Family Homestead
In Spring
(February 1 to April 30)

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Of all the seasons, Spring is the hardest to accept in the Celtic reckoning, as an infant spring is very hard to tell from Winter in its full strength and glory! In fact, in our part of the world, the hardest snows generally come in February. The pancake ice continues to heap up on the bay, the temperatures often drop to the bitter range.

And yet, when the warmth finally takes hold and new growth bursts forth, everything changes in a hurry. We begin to shake off the relative inactivity of winter and prepare for the coming activity. The herring will run soon, it's time to check the nets for needed mending, and prepare for the time of year when the dooryard becomes an extension of our living room. The sea lions begin to be more active, and the humpback whales return to our area.

Aly on pancake ice pancake ice in the bay Mud Bay ice floes on a sunny day the garden in very early spring south point in snow snowshoeing on the trail cherry sprig forced bloom exploring double rainbow moose whales

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