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Mark's brother Dave and his wife Anke have been very helpful because of their experience building boats.

Hear their story on's Podcast.


Their first home-built boat was a 19-foot Bolger Long Micro, without the originally designed ballasted keel. Zoon was built in Port Townsend, Washington, and trailered up to Juneau on the ferry after it was damaged while moored in Anacortes. Zoon was repaired in our driveway, giving us first-hand exposure to the building process. It also proved to us that a sailboat, even a small one, might be a good place to live—in our then 3-year-old daughter's words, as she explored Zoon, "It's safe and warm!" (This was after she'd entered the boat by walking through the hole torn in the hull!)

Their second boat, a 31-foot "Bolgeresque" boat similar to the Advanced Sharpie (AS) 29, is named Luna.
Luna was sold August 2008. Learn more about Luna in the new LUNAFAQ

Cruising Echo Cove, Berners Bay, August 2002. Two panels down in the foresail.

Mark took this photo at about 4:30 AM in August 2002, Echo Cove.

Luna's interior, starboard side. Stowage in settee seat and backrest.

Port side of galley looking aft.

The bunk from the salon.

Luna comfortably dry in Echo Cove. The dinghies are a Gloucester Light Gull and a Nymph, both Bolger designs.

Labor Day morning, 2002, Auke Nu.

Sailing in Sitka, Autumn 2004

Sailing with Selkie, August 2002

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